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I’ve been a sage, spiritual teacher, psychic & mystic for over 17 years. During that time I’ve trained in MANY different forms of magick, mindfulness, consciousness, and mindset.

Incantations, prayers, or mantras are very useful if used the correct way.

So, as a gift to you for joining my mailing list, Here is my quick abundance chant and HOW to effectively apply it.


“Money is coming. Money is so close. Money is here. Money is so good to me. Money is everywhere. Money is easy. Now money flows so easily!”

As you recite these words I want you to feel the desire, and shift from the desire into the experience of excitement because it’s with you. Live in the moment of it being with you – and live in that moment by feeling it existing for you, and I want you to hold this feeling for as long as you can. Then the energy goes into the ways you feel after having the money. It’s now SO easy for money to come to you. You’ve seen it. You love playing with it. It’s never going to be a problem again!

Connect with this each morning 8 times.

Know that money is coming because it’s already here!