Would you like to REALLY put yourself in the readied space for love and romance in 2023?

This is for you!



Are you ready to REALLY work on –

  • clearing your blocks to love
  • deepen your existing relationships
  • call in A or many romances
  • access greater self-love


This is for you!


This is what you’ll get with this never before offered package valued at over 800$:

For $522.22 (2 is the number of couples & relating)

I will perform:

  1. 1 LOVE candle burnt on your behalf
  2. 1 LOVE opening ritual performed for you
  3. & provide a multi-reading about the ritual, its outcome, and the year to come focused on its overall tone relating to LOVE (delivered as an audio file).


There is a limited amount of these on offer! So, grab yours now before they are all gone!


Terms and conditions. Todd commits to perform this ritual for you as described. There is no guarantee with any spiritual work and depending on where you are located this must be considered as ‘curio’ or ‘entertainment’.


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