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Would you like your own LUCKY coin prepared?

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Heard of the phrase ‘find a penny pick a penny up all day long you’ll have good luck’?

This is a basic type of lucky coin that is given power because YOU believe in it.

The lucky coin I’ll create for you will be blessed, charged, anointed, and drawn specifically for YOU and it will last.

I will either bury this with a tree – typical for rituals relating to growing things (money, abundance, luck) OR I can send it to you for you to carry (+ postage)


Ready for your own LUCKY COIN?


For $338.88 (3 is the number of Ascended teachers and assistance, 8 is the number for money and infinity)

I will perform:

  1. 1 lucky coin created on your behalf
  2. 1 coin buried and blessed (or sent to you for additional postage cost)
  3. & provide a multi-card reading about the ritual, and its outcome, focused on its overall tone (delivered as an audio file).


There is a limited amount of these on offer! So, grab yours now before they are all gone!


Terms and conditions. Todd commits to perform this ritual for you as described. There is no guarantee with any spiritual work and depending on where you are located this must be considered as ‘curio’ or ‘entertainment’.

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