DOOR OPENER / Online Ritual Experience


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Join the online community in this custom ritual!

Once you purchase this ritual your name will be added to a list that will go into the ritual on my working space.

Please ensure you have added your DOB and the name you use in the purchase comments field so that I know which name to use for you. If you buy other tickets for friends and family, please be sure to add in their name and DOB as well (if you have it).

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Do things feel stalled, stagnant, blocked – an overall sense of ‘waiting‘? Would you like to feel even more flow?

This is my take on the traditional ‘road opener’ ritual. Let’s open up the cosmic gate and welcome what’s due to come your way.

This ritual is designed to open, welcome, release, reveal and begin. It will be performed under the proviso of your ‘highest good‘.

The process will follow the same format as the other rituals. I place the names on a paper which will go on my ritual space. I perform the ritual, taking videos that go on my Instagram stories, you follow along and perform the ritual via whichever option you prefer. Last time I provided 3 different options for interaction.

But what If I want to do NOTHING, Todd? Well, then you live your life! I will perform this on your behalf! So, you don’t need to ‘do’ anything! You can also perform the ritual actions prior to the time or after. Spirit does not abide by linear time, so you’re fine!

The people who reported the most interesting shifts were the ones who did the level 3 actions, which is no surprise as they were more invested.

Are you ready to open your door? Buy your tickets and let’s get started!

This will take place on 03/13/2020, the NEW MOON 1:11 pm pacific standard time, and continuing until completion. You can follow along on my Instagram story at that time. You will receive further information in your email so please check you have entered it correctly and ensure is on your safe list (or check your spam folder).

**Please note: issues with connectivity and Instagram are not Todd’s problem. Please follow these instructions and make sure you are clear of the process prior to the day. Last month we received MANY emails where people simply hadn’t understood what was going to happen, and in turn, caused a lot of extra work on the day of the ritual.**


Terms and conditions: depending on where you’re located Todd must advertise this as entertainment purposes only or ‘curio’. Todd makes no guarantees on this service or on the transformation of your life. This is, after all, your own journey.

There are no refunds offered and no cancellations for this service.


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