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Join the online community in a ritual designed to bring in blessings for the Chinese New Year!

Once you purchase this ritual your name will be added to a list that will go into the ritual on my working space.

Please ensure you have added your DOB and the name you use in the purchase comments field so that I know which name to use for you. If you buy other tickets for friends and family, please be sure to add in their name and DOB as well (if you have it).

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Many people don’t realize that ‘NEW YEAR’ is just a made up date and time. However, the true cycle we recognize as a shift of energy is the Lunar New Year, celebrated as Chinese New Year.

Chinese mysticism is in-depth and fascinating. You might have recognized they have their own specific zodiac signs (animals) which is determined based on your year of birth. Want to look up yours?

Feng-shui is ruled by the stars’ movements during that year and influence each animal differently. Mystics of Feng-shui use special ‘cures’ to minimize negative stars and bolster positive ones.

This LUNAR Blessing will focus on harnessing the power of the #6 Heaven Star and directing its blessing toward you.

The blessing will also call on your sign’s guardian Buddha to look after you this year.

This process will follow the same format as last time. You purchase your tickets (50% off +1), I place the names on a paper which will go on my ritual space. I perform the ritual, taking videos that go on my Instagram stories, you follow along and perform the ritual via whichever option you prefer. Last time I provided 3 different options for interaction.

Since this ritual is occurring so close to Valentine’s day and there are so many people who wanted something love-themed, I decided to offer a secondary ritual to take place 1 hour later specifically for heart-opening. That is a special add-on ritual that is more complex in nature. If you’re interested please purchase an extra ticket for that here.

But what If I want to do NOTHING, Todd? Well, then you live your life! I will perform this on your behalf! So, you don’t need to ‘do’ anything!

The people who reported the most interesting shifts were the ones who did the level 3 actions, which is no surprise as they were more invested.

Do you want to start the year off with a blessing? Buy your tickets and let’s get started!

This will take place on 02/13/2020, the START OF THE LUNAR YEAR / CHINESE NEW YEAR. Beginning at 1:11 pm pacific and continuing until completion. You can follow along on my Instagram story at that time. You will receive further information in your email so please check you have entered it correctly and ensure is on your safe list (or check your spam folder).


Terms and conditions: depending on where you’re located Todd must advertise this as entertainment purposes only or ‘curio’. Todd makes no guarantees on this service or to the transformation of your life. This is, after all, your own journey.

There are no refunds offered and no cancellations for this service.


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