Recorded Reading $80 usd

What is it? What does it include? What happens?

A recorded reading is a great way to get a brief overview of a topic or situation happening for you right now. Todd will select cards focusing on your moment and explain what energy has manifested, where it comes from, and what to do next.

A typical pull consists of 6 cards. 3 for where you are right now, then 3 cards of support or guidance.

This is recorded and sent to you, often within a week. You will NOT be speaking directly with Todd.

These types of readings aren’t always available and depend on Todd’s schedule.

Why this over a full session?

This is NOT a replacement for a full session. In fact, this is a better follow-up solution to a session if you need further information later.

If you are looking to get information specific to one topic or theme, without the need for discussion or further questions, this may be for you. However, If you have multiple questions, or you’re likely to want follow-up questions and need to be coached through behaviors and decisions, this isn’t for you. There is no back and forth communication.

Think of this as a data dump, straight from the cosmos to you.

Examples of suitable questions:

  • “What is the energy like between myself and this person…?”
  • “Why is my career so challenging right now?”
  • “What does the Spirit want me to know right now?”

How is this delivered?

Your Recorded Reading will be delivered to you recorded via mp4, so you can play it on your favorite mp3 player or computer. The recording will last for around 5-7 minutes. Also, you’ll receive a .jpg of the cards Todd selected for your reading.

If your question exceeds the realm of this, or you’re likely to have follow-up questions, it’s recommended you look at scheduling a full Guidance Session





*Depending on where you are reading this Todd may be required by law to advise that all spiritual or energetic work is provided under the title of ‘entertainment’.