Property Cleansing $700 USD & up

Any time someone enters your home there’s a possibility that they’ll bring with them emotional and mental baggage. Think about the many times you have had a guest and they have felt emotional (angry, sad, lonely, depressed, etc). This emotion leaves a mark on the energy of your home and this energetic rubbish causes disturbances in the now and for future tenants.

It’s also extremely important for businesses to cleanse their space regularly. This process enables energy to flow without blockage and encourages more money entering the business. Cleansing also resolves regular employee sickness and random accidents on site.

If you would like your home or business property cleansed of all prior energy and experiences please contact us with your details:


*Depending on where you are reading this Todd may be required by law to advise that all spiritual or energetic work is provided under the title of ‘entertainment’.