MOTD - YouNeedAHandAskForHelp

There’s nothing special in doing it alone. It’s ok to be vulnerable and ask for help.


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The key is really knowing who to ask for help. Some people are not able to see past themselves – so they aren’t useful. Other people aren’t skilled to do so – so they aren’t helpful either. And then other people have no desire to – so clearly they aren’t your best bet either.

This is where discernment is necessary. The Spirit can help you with this, by guiding you toward people who want and can help.

Again: don’t force people to help you, especially via means of emotional manipulation. You won’t end up getting what you want.

And you know what? The better way to do this is to rely on the Spirit, the Universe, the Angels, God – or whomever you connect with. That energy has the capacity and will to support you and will do so.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “the Universe is on my side!”

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