MOTD - OfTheWiseOnes


Today you have the opportunity to tune into your past life Magick. Specifically the Magick you mastered on earth.


However, as you tune into this power you may find yourself embracing a sense of energetic ‘heaviness’. As this is what ‘wise ones’ often exhibit – a general sense of heaviness and a sombre outlook.

This is because they’ve seen the breadth of humanities shit, and typically all directed toward them, so they are subconsciously a little pessimistic about the actions of others.

It’s your duty to step out of the potential heaviness and instead grab the power on offer to you today.

Feel into the subtle forces of the world around you. Open your eyes and see what your intellect tells you isn’t there. See what’s really there.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: “I am more than this life. I am infinite and expansive”