MOTD - WindElement

You may’ve noticed the increase in WIND ELEMENT recently. This means you’ll have been thinking more, even mentally obsessing more.


Wind is a fantastic element, for ideas, change and being aloof. However, too much air leads to being in your head too much. And what happens there? Typically stress and anxiety.

When there is too much Wind there is also fixating on ideas, topics and stresses, leading to nervousness, anxiety and poor sleeping patterns.

You are living in a very Wind based society. It’s all ideas, technology, non-tangible communication and transmissions. That’s why so many people are living in stress and depression, as both of these stem from too much Wind element.

How do you counteract wind? You balance it with Earth, as Earth is there to ground, anchor and stabilize. So, today you may want to focus on earthy things like cooking, gardening and organisation. These will help you anchor Earth within you.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I ground, I anchor, I relax!”

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