MOTD - TruthGate

Today your truth telling muscles are flexed. It’s all about you expressing your absolute truth, and learning how best to convey it.


The Truth Gate or ‘throat chakra’, rules energy surrounding communicationand verbal expression. When you feel repressed or suppressed and unable to express your truth, you’ll notice an energetic and eventual physical blockage in this area.

This area also funnels energy from the cosmos down through your body and receives feedback from the earth up into your higher spiritual senses, so it’s vital that it flows easily.

Many people in today’s age find it difficult to express their truth unless it’s extreme or harsh. So the people constantly being ‘honest’ are often rude and blunt. However, Spirit wants you to practice gently expressing your truth, with honey when appropriate. The more you do the better you’ll get at it, and the easier energy will flow through you.

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