MOTD - TheTimeHasCome

Today’s card is a prompt for you to participate in instigating change.


This card is all about stating that it’s time for something to change. Knowing this week I can only imagine what situations you’ve experienced or places you’ve been brought to.

Given the energy of the week, and the theme of ‘the unraveling’ which you can hear more about in the upcoming review of the week video, this card is a sign that things need to change!

I guess that’s why I feel compelled to do something a little different and unorthodox in this post, and get a little personal with you.

I try to keep all of these posts general and not refer to myself or my life, why? Because these posts are about you. They aren’t about me spotlighting my life. These cards are your moment with Spirit, whether you read them in the morning or at night or somewhere in between.

However, this week I’ve really felt the need to express something, regarding what I’m experiencing and also a gentle request.

Lately I’ve been noticing less and less interaction/likes/shares on these Facebook posts, and yes a large part is the fact that Facebook is hell bent on getting everyone to pay to see page posts – annoying! But, since less likes and shares is the key aspect that drives the heuristics that determine what people see, I’ve noticed myself feeling a little resentful of the process and the energy I put out every single day – I don’t like it!

I’ve been writing these posts for years now, and unlike many other people who write a monthly or weekly thing for Facebook I haven’t opted to monetise it. I’ve liked the idea of keeping these free and as part of my social contribution.

But. The noticeable lessening of forward shares has slowed the growth of this page and new readers – which leads to new clients. Clearly that makes a big difference to me in the short and long run. So – without having a pity party, this has started to make me feel a little disheartened about this process as I don’t feel particularly encouraged or rewarded.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want to stop writing these. I enjoy doing them, and I like the fact they are free. I am constantly warmed by unsolicited messages letting me know how people read these, like: with their loved ones every day, or their co-workers all get around and share the words together. And especially those of you who have this solitary moment with the words and Spirit together. However and whatever way you consume the content – it’s lovely!

So, what does this mean? I just simply ask – because if you don’t ask you don’t receive: whenever you feel compelled, please, share the page with your friends, or invite your friends and family. After all, it’s the main way I populate my work and run my business.

I only say this today because of the card. So, THE TIME HAS COME for me to express it and let it go!

And a big thank you to those who ALWAYS like and share – it does not go unnoticed!

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “If I want things to change, I must do something differently”

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