MOTD - TheseAreYourOwnDemons

Today’s card finishes up the teaching for this week. In it you discover that there isn’t some otherworldly, fearsome, evil or dark energy stopping you. It’s all within.


This card always appears when Spirit wants to confirm that there isn’t anything supernatural stopping or punishing you. Everything you’re working with is coming from within you.

That may seem obvious to some, but yes, sometimes there are negative forces blocking your path. However, this is your sign that the only blockage is you, whether it’s due to fear or disbelief, it’s occurring within you.

This is WONDERFUL news, because if the issue is within, that means that you can fix the issue and resolve it. So, you are the antidote you’ve been looking for.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “My fears do not stop me from living”

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