MOTD - TheSaint

Today’s message highlights the archetype of the saint. Now this isn’t your otherworldly, saintly kind of saint. This is the person who plays at being a saint.


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The Saint has the unfortunate predisposition to sacrifice human experiences, feelings and expressions because they aren’t ‘spiritual’. These people often correct themselves, saying something like: “Oh, I can’t say that. A spiritual person wouldn’t think that.”

This  is challenging because they are playing at being a saint, rather than just being a human who’s in process of growth.

Look at your life. Are you playing the saint, or are you noticing it around you?

This is a message of permission to FEEL being human. And from that feeling giving yourself the room to express and experience it, rather than being restricted and confined, because that’s what a ‘good person’ would do.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I will express and grow”

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