MOTD - TakeYourTime

There will be the unconscious and subconscious desire to go faster and faster, right now. However, it’s retrograde – you need to take your time!


Anything hastily put together right now will result in a breakdown, rehash and review. You’re probably already in the process of reviewing things from months gone, so you don’t want to add to your workload by putting out work you’ve only half invested time into.

The amount of hype, fear and chaos flooding the media and by extension your consciousness, is massive. You need to very actively maintain a mental equilibrium. So if you go crazy with work and attempting to do everything all at once, causing yourself undue stress and worry, your natural equilibrium (or as close to) will be shot to death.

Meditation, simple breathing and quiet enjoyment of simple, slow things, is your best medicine right now. Allow the Universe to set the pace.

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