MOTD - StarSeeded

Today’s card suggests you’ll be a little more sensitive than usual. And that’s ok, it’s part of the process of personal growth and development.


When this card appears I know it’s a call to observe your inner senses and honour a healthy diet.

As Star seeds, meaning; those who come from the stars, are hyper sensitive to chemicals, harsh and toxic energies, and are naturally empathic, I can always forecast that today’s energy will reveal these as truths for you personally.

This could mean that you’ll be a little more sensitive than usual, whether emotionally or physically, or it could mean that you will start sensing extra ‘stuff’, which in turn will increase your natural intuition.

No matter how this card and its subsequent energy plays out in your life, it’s important for you to embrace being open and porous.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I am sensitive to shifts and changes and that’s beautiful”

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