MOTD - SoulWalkIn

You start the week with a simple message that is trying to summarise a big, big thing. Your soul is being upgraded.


This phenomenon occurs when a soul replaces a body’s original soul, or the soul receives an upgrade of sorts, preparing it for whatever journey the soul is about to undertake.

Whenever this card is present I always encourage my clients to listen attentively to the new urges, ideas and passions that come to them. Why? Because they will be directly linked to this new soul energy within.

These urges ideas and passions will be stepping stones towards your new path, whatever and wherever that may be. Your new soul energy knows the direction!

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I welcome new soul energy!”

Do you need a bit of extra help clearing the obstacles? Have you been looking for something or someone to give you a nudge in the right direction? Or perhaps you’re looking for some cosmic clarity. Either way Todd’s private sessions are designed to show you exactly where you are, what’s not working, what is working and how to make it work better.

During the session Todd selects 29 cards from his deck, which is like a snapshot in time for your right now. He also clears, cleanses, aligns and tunes up your aura and energetic framework, banishing negative energy, entities and blocked Karma. Todd also gives you customised rituals and exercises which will help you step into the next stage of life – whatever that may be.

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