MOTD - SoulWalkIn

Today you begin to assimilate higher aspects of your own soul. What does this mean? Personal growth and breakthrough!


The phenomenon of the ‘soul walk-in’ is when a soul other than the original one in the human body, swaps places in a human body. This could be because the original soul hated being on earth or because it had finished its mission(s).

For whatever reason (as there are many), this occurs when a soul who needs to get to earth immediately takes over. So when it occurs typically the human experiences a sudden rush of new direction, new energy and new knowledge.

This can be an uncomfortable process. So look at your own life right now. Today specifically; what do you understand that you didn’t before, or what do you now see differently?

Both of these aspects are important to seeing where you’re now being led.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: “I embrace my new path and direction”