MOTD - SoulContract

Today is all about those connections and agreements you wrote with the Universe before coming into this life.


Whenever this card is present you can be sure you’ll be in the motion of living out agreements and plans you created on the other side, before you stepped through into this life.

This means that who you intersect with, what you have to learn and what you encounter today especially, will be part of the in-depth and fantastic destiny you designed for yourself.

As the soul contracts come up, become in effect and then fulfill themselves you will also find yourself going through the motion of both becoming awakened and then feeling the loss of that agreement. If you find yourself being led to a negative state, becoming sad or lost, remind yourself of the infiniteness of the plan you’re only seeing a minuscule part of.

Let these contracts bring in the people and lessons you’re destined to encounter.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I learn my lessons and let go!”

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