MOTD - SoulContract

Today is all about your agreements with people. And not just any old type of agreement, soul agreements, also known as soul contracts.


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Be really observant and aware of your interactions and relationships today. This card is all about agreements you have made in ‘heaven’, to be played out on earth.

Once it becomes time for the agreement to be fulfilled the players appear on stage ready.

That’s what will begin happening today. You may notice new players appear, or old players reveal their part in your ready to be fulfilled ‘soul contract’. Once it has been satisfied people may depart. Don’t be upset by it (although sometimes it’s a little hard not to).

However and whatever occurs today, know that it’s part of an agreement you created with that soul long before you came to earth. So there’s a plan at play.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I accept how things play out”

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