MOTD - Skills&Gifts

Yesterday you were prompted to work on your Magickal craft. And today the Spirit wants to turn your attention to your natural skills and gifts. Both of these things help you see how talented you are.


Today you should spend time practicing and exploring the gifts and skills you have. Why? Because these were given to you for a reason. When you express them it takes you further along your path and story.

If you get too caught up in ‘life’ and forget to do what you’re skilled at you also don’t walk the path full of clues made just for you.

So – what we are saying is: your gifts take you to your destiny. It’s part of your personal guidance system.

Don’t know where to go in life? Sing, dance, draw, write, talk, paint, etc. Whatever you’re good at! See where your mind takes you.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: “I honour the cosmos by expressing my gifts”