MOTD - QuanYin

A powerful motherly influence floods your world today. However, Quan Yin is really pushing you to understand a healthy dynamic of compassion vs. being taken advantage of.


Quan Yin is often depicted with her Dragon, a mystical and powerful creature who is her companion and guardian. He ensures Quan Yin is not taken advantage of or in danger. This allows her to operate from a space of pure Divine love and compassion, listening to the cries of the souls still stuck on the wheel of Karma.

This symbolism represents the Dragon that exists within each of us. Able to be called on to protect our sensitive and vulnerable nature while we attempt to learn the lessons of compassion.

It’s easy for an Avatar to avoid the backlash of humanity, they have ascended beyond it all. You however may need a little support and direction in the process. So don’t expect more than your capable of and learn to create healthy boundaries.

If you haven’t learnt how to show compassion to yourself, thereby mastering your inner critic, then you won’t be able to extend non-judgement to another.

Start within, then move onto the external.

MEDITATION THE DAY: “I offer respect to the jewel of the lotus. I give praise to She who hears the cries of the world”