MOTD - Pisces

Yes, you’re into the new year and change is coming. Now you just need to make sure you keep level headed and not too reactive.


It may be easy to get triggered because of the uncertainty that life can bring. This will only be enhanced coming into 2015 as the sense of change is immense.

Change is either something you love or something you’re terrified of. It’s important to know that loving change is a skill you can foster, it doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but it can be learnt.

The energy of Pisces is lovely, spiritual and ethereal, but it can also lead you off into the stars and sky with little actual practical follow through. So, this is the Spirit’s way of asking you to be sure that you take your big visions and you start breaking them down into practical steps, one by one.

Make a plan, initiate it, achieve it. That’s your path to success in 2015.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I flow with change like the fish do”

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