MOTD - PastLifeWisdomIsComingIntoYou

While last week heavily focused on the mother, this week has a lesser focus on the father and the wisdom he can deliver.


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However, you still have a couple more days before the father’s energy reveals itself, so the earlier part of this week (especially today), is about surrendering to the greater cosmic force.

The Father’s lesson to us is that we must accept and surrender to our place in the Universe. That should be a comforting thing rather than a sense of failure or submission in a negative way. You still have free will, it just calls for it to work under the Father’s plan.

So today’s lesson is about the information that you’ll receive when you submit to the energy and wisdom of the Father (not your own father).

Sit in meditation (it’s a theme for this week and last), and allow the Father to impart wisdom into you. This wisdom will be coming from your past lives and may not be consciously accessible immediately but it will be there when you need it.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I sit and receive wisdom”

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