MOTD - ANewBeginning

It’s a brand new day, new week and new year. This could be your year, are you ready?


This card is extremely promising and encouraging as it’s really the ‘shift’ of energy we’d be looking for in a card at the start of a new year. This means that today’s energy heralds a momentous shift into the new year.

Instead of just dealing with the leftover energy of 2014, this is really the moment when we begin to experience the change of 2015.

This could be your year, in all manner of ways. However, how much work are you willing to dedicate to this process of expansion and evolution? If your answer isn’t 100% you may want to put in a little more.

Your destiny demands ALL of your focus and energy. That doesn’t mean it’s set to exhaust you, it just means you shouldn’t be distracted from the greatness of it all!

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “A new day has dawned and with it limitless possibility!”

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