MOTD - ANewBeginning

Shifting and rearranging within the energy field last night may have seen you start contemplating and potentially worrying – not about anything  new, just about existing things. Why? You’re eager for your new beginning.


It’s about time, no? This card heralds a moment many have been waiting for. This new beginning is the doorway that leads to everything else.

Remember if you experienced the stress or anxiety I described as the energy began shifting. The new beginning will be in regard to that. Or, you may have been working on specific themes or experiences yesterday and noticed a different approach or interaction by you. These are all part of the new beginning you’re about to encounter.

Really, all you need to do to prepare yourself is to embrace trust. There is still the need to trust without having 100% proof. That’s kind of the big lesson for humanity right now, so learn it quickly or slowly – it’s up to you.

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