MOTD - MysteryGift

Whenever I see this card I always get excited. It’s a fantastic omen that the Universe has something brilliant being cooked up – just for you.


The Spirit isn’t about giving the secret away. Let’s face it. Surprises are fun. So, today’s card is letting you know that the Universe has a gift for you – but it’s a surprise. So the longer you fixate on what it is and show impatience, the longer it will be until you receive it.

However, if instead you wake up each day reminding yourself that today could be the day when you receive your Divine gift, you’ll notice that you receive more than one gift. You’ll open yourself up to many.

The Universe doesn’t limit it’s bounty for you. That’s a conscious and personal choice limited only by your beliefs.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “The Universe has a gift for me!”

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