MOTD - Metatron

As I went through and picked cards for the next two months, I asked Spirit to select the appropriate cards for this period of time for everyone. Secondly, while shuffling, I asked Spirit for a powerful sign that the order and energy was complete. Here we go:


The card to somersault from the deck and onto the top to reveal itself was METATRON. He is called the Angel scribe but he is also associated with motivation and the drive to do and accomplish what is needing to be done.

So, this message is for you, me, us all, letting us know that we have everything within our power to succeed in our chosen destinies. That doesn’t mean the ego’s plan, it means the plan our soul chose before coming to earth.

You don’t need to get caught up in that, all you need to do is focus on picking yourself up (again). Smiling. Thinking that things can be different. And beginning your next chapter fresh and with as much optimism as possible.

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