MOTD - MedicineMan

The Medicine Man card always calls for you to become super conscious of your environment, both natural and manmade as they offer you signs and symbols.


This week’s energy has been really interesting, in a number of ways. My plan is to start recording a ‘week in review’, talking about what you should have learnt, can learn, and can do for the week coming up, all in reference to the energy of the previous week. Please let me know in the comments section if you’d find this useful, as encouragement may be the motivation I lack at present 🙂

Back to this week. It showed you a lot in a lot of different ways, but more than that it pushed you deeper to see what you are made of. It was a test of sorts, but you were the originating source of that test.

Today’s energy changes quite dramatically as we move into the presence of the Medicine Man. The Medicine Man is the wise man in the tribe who can translate the signs and symbols in the environment around him. This man can also commune with spirits, animals and human alike.

Whether it’s as simple as looking at the numbers found on your restaurant table, then deciphering what that number means spiritually, or if it’s asking a question of the Universe then looking to see the sign posts hung around you, these are the tools of the Medicine Man. He is an urban shaman who turns everything into his ally.

This is what Spirit wants you to do today. To turn everything into a spiritual tool for feedback and development.

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