MOTD - TheMartyr

Time to look at the trap we can often set for ourselves: the martyr.


Sometimes people put themselves in scenarios which they know will let them down, fail them or end up betraying them in some way. However, instead of changing the elements or their interaction they continue on with it, accepting how it is and then just believing they should carry the weight of it.

To some people this sounds magnanimous or pious, but for the person doing the sacrifice they end up sacrificing their happiness for the sake of others and circumstance.

Today you should look at how you interact with life, what you allow, what you accept and what you define as unacceptable. Is there an imbalance? Is it time to strive for what YOU want to ensure your own experience and bliss?

Today’s card forces you to realise that you must accomplish bliss for yourself – no one can or should do it for you.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: “Today I own my role as creator of everything in my life!”

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