MOTD - MakeLoveNotSex

Sexual liberation isn’t quite as liberating as some suggest.


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In fact, today’s card suggests you look at how you have sex. You need to make sure that there is some connection or feeling of love there.

All experience is experience and full of information. But, especially with physical contact, there is a price to pay.

Today’s card highlights that the price for you right now is too high, so you want to ensure that your sexual interaction is grounded in love. Why? Because this ensures that you have a reason and purpose for the physical interaction.

Having sex for sex’s sake can feel liberating. And for some it may well be as it allows people to experience their sexual nature. But there is a price to pay. That may include: energetic connection, absorbing other people’s baggage and all manner of other things.

Today is about you understanding and owning this responsibility. What you do with that is up to you.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I will honour myself and sex”