MOTD - LetTheSeedsGrow

Today’s card is the Spirit’s way of calming you down a little. As excited and eager you may be, you need to let things grow – naturally.


Especially after a day filled with the energy of the Four Leaf Clover, the desire to get projects moving immediately and to see results even quicker, is probably huge!

However, that’s not how things work.

You need to plant the seeds and then water them. They’ll eventually (time doesn’t exist) grow and you can harvest them. That’s what we call a manifestation. It’s your dreams/intentions appearing in physical form, or having ‘manifested’.

I mentioned ‘time doesn’t exist’. This means that how long this will take is entirely dependent on your fate and destiny. So there’s no rule.

Your manifestation could happen in one minute or one year. Don’t get fixated on when, just get really good at watering your seeds.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I will focus on watering my seeds!”

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