MOTD - LadyPortia

The Goddess of Justice rules today, so you can be sure that something big is happening to bring fairness, justice and equality into your life. What’re you up to?


Take notice of what you already had planned today. See whether there is something larger, overdue, or simply important set to transpire. This eludes to a bigger theme occurring under the metaphorical surface of your life.

Lady Portia will listen to your petitions today, especially in regards to finances, law and business. But – realise she is the lady of Justice, so whatever ‘justice’ is, will be served. That may mean that what occurs isn’t your first choice – but it will be fair! Engage and accept everything that happens today will a smile.

I feel happy, hopeful and joyous regarding the energy, so don’t expect heaviness and negativity. However, this is a crucial juncture in your life which will push you further along your destined path.

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