MOTD - Hecate

Today’s energy, being ruled by the ever powerful, Hecate, is all about you awakening what’s within.


Hecate rules many different aspects of energy, in particular, crossroads (decisions), magick and the feminine – in all forms.

So, today’s energy is about honouring the softer and subtler energy within. Great things to do include: meditation, soft yoga, tai-chi, art, and/or cooking. Essentially anything that helps you slow down a little to express how you’re feeling.

Beyond all the warm and fuzzy, Hecate is a task master, and I say that with love. Hecate will boot you into action (or inaction) when necessary, especially if you’re not walking the direction you should be, or are simply being lazy.

Hecate’s main focus is to help you evolve and understand your inner feminine side as quickly and effectively as possible.

Take some time out to listen to your heart.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I honour the triple Goddess!”

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