MOTD - YourHeartHasCheckedOut

This entire week is ruled by the energy of the great Avatar known as Jesus. Whether you are Christian or not, Jesus holds many teachings for you to evolve as a human.


Since Jesus and the true energy of his message rules this week, we need to look at your heart.

Your heart holds all of the hopes, dreams and disappointments you’ve experienced. And over time these disappointments often weigh heavier and are more prominent than the hopes and dreams.

Today’s card encourages you to confront the fact you’ve checked out a little. And that perhaps now it’s now time to let go of any wounds you’re holding onto.

Jesus’ true message is that in order to love others we must first come to understand how to love ourselves. So start by releasing all of the grudges, anger, resentment or sadness you hold towards others. After all you’re just punishing yourself.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: “I surrender the pain I’ve felt, and open my heart!”

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