MOTD - GreatFriends

Today’s card prompts you to look at who you’re friends are and whether you’re investing your time and energy in people who’re worth it.


It’s so common for people to invest time and energy in people who don’t give it back. With the subconscious belief that if you give more, or be a little bit better, be more reliable, give a better gift, that those people will suddenly see how valuable you are, and be a good friend in return.

However, this very rarely happens, in fact hose people typically observe that as being a doormat.

Today’s card asks you to SEE the people who are good friends to you. The people who are there when you call, who tell you the truth, who love you and who support you. Those people you can disagree with and not be in fear of the friendship being cut.

Those are your friends. Make sure you honour them today.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I invest energy and time on friends who deserve it”

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