MOTD - Gay

Today the energy of ‘gay’ will become prominent. Why is this important for you to know, especially if you aren’t gay? Let’s find out.


For people who are gay, this card appears to let you know that the topic will be more so prominent. Sometimes this means that you’re adjusting, shifting, working with, or struggling with the topic of being gay, or of gay topics, meaning topics that relate to being gay.

This card can also extend to bisexual or transgendered people.

This energy is all about living in a way which may be considered slightly different from the ‘norm’. It could be about a personal struggle, finding your way. It could be about personal successes in this particular experience.

However, for people who are heterosexual, this card asks you to look to those in your life who are gay. Check how they are doing. This card is often a prompt for reconnection.

Ultimately this card teaches compassion and understanding, allowing people to live in ways which are different from your own.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I honour all people and all ways of experiencing life”

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