MOTD - Ganesh

What a fantastic card to follow up the one’s we have encountered the past few days.


This is such a fantastic sign that the intentions you’ve set and the prayers you’ve made, were all taken to the heavenly host.

Ganesh, the clearer of obstacles and God of new beginnings, always appears as a powerful confirmation that things are going positively.

His card appearing directly after ‘pray for it’, is a sign that your prayers have been answered, so get happy and excited!

However, I do feel compelled to really push you to review where your thoughts were the past few days. If you spent too much energy worrying and being concerned you may need to do a little energetic clean-up, and petition Ganesh again, from a clear mental space.

But, this card is fantastic news and should be received as a positive and powerful confirmation of wonderful opportunities and doors opening.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “All obstacles are cleared by Ganesh!”

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