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It’s no surprise that the Universe has one simple directive for you to handle on New Year’s Eve: to sit and meditate.


Even though our natural response to New Years is to party, celebrate and inebriate, sitting in quiet observation for a moment or two would serve us better.

Consider what New Year’s represents; the shift of energy that occurs from one ending and its subsequent new beginning. So, it’s no wonder the Spirit wants us to find time to meditate on where we want to go in 2015.

Instead of going down the typical path of alcoholic distraction, if we choose to spend some valuable time to concentrate on the path we’ve taken, where we want to end up, and how we feel about the bigger picture, we’d enter into the new year focused and prepared.

So, try to find some time to meditate in between the partying. It shouldn’t take long, but even if it did, wouldn’t it serve you best?

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: “I sit and observe, and discover my truth”

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