MOTD - FatherFigure

Were you aware that your father and your relationship with him affects both your money making potential and whether or not you feel physically safe in the world?


So, if there is ANY kind of disconnect or issue with your relationship with your father, you’ll experience issues with these subjects.

This can obviously manifest in not finding a suitable partner, but then also meaning making money and losing it, never making money, being fired from a job, through to being attacked, tormented, teased, right to more extreme measures.

Yes there are many ways that even with a healthy fatherly relationship, these things are still due to occur, but this is one component to identify and rectify when and where necessary. And ALL people benefit from the following practice.

Spend today speaking directly with the cosmic father, saying something like:

Dear cosmic Father, please look after my business, I need to make $X this week. I’m also having issues with X person, they aren’t respecting my space. Please help me. Thank you.

The more you speak the easier it will get.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “The cosmic father looks after everything“

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