MOTD - FatherFigure

Now you’re asked to focus on your father figure.


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You’re asked to focus on your father today as your relationship with him rules money making, relationships with men and whether or not people take advantage of you (like bullies).

Any kind of disruption with your relationship can and often fractures the topics mentions above.

So, just like you pondered your relationship with your mother last week (if you missed that message you can revisit it on my page – Monday last week), today you’re asked to contemplate your relationship with your father.

Are you close?

Is there any kind of issue?

Do you feel protected by him?

Does he look after you?

Each of these questions highlights a different aspect to the cosmic Father’s relationship with you.

If there are any kind of blockages or issues, you can get around that by speaking directly with the cosmic Father, like so:

“Dear cosmic Father, please help me with xx”

Do this each morning and see what transforms in your life.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “Dear cosmic Father…”

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