MOTD - FatherFigure

A midweek alignment is offered to you. Bestowing an opportunity of money, action and new direction.


This makes perfect sense as it falls on the 1st of the new year. This card is showing you the promise of the Divine Father to you – that you can and will be looked after for the new year – IF you choose to tune into his blessings.

The father figure card prompts you to look at the male figures in your life, whether you relate well to them, or if there are issues.

Look at your father, look at your brothers, look at your lovers, look at your cousins/friends, etc. Consciously shift the way you interact with these masculine energies. By doing so, it will bring you closer to opportunities such as; partnerships, money making, career opportunities and job offers.

MEDITATION OF THE DAY: “I honour the masculine who raises and protects me” #toddsays

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