MOTD - Fae

The Fae are around you again, prompting, encouraging and requesting you interact with them.


There’s tonnes of magick circling around you at present. The big question is whether or not you’ll tune into it for your benefit.

Set up a special, sacred space for the Fae. They love crystals, candles, anything shiny and reflective. Once you set the space up call them in by saying; “Fae, please come enjoy this space and bring me your magical favour!”

This week is also extra mystical and supernatural due to All Hallows Eve coming up on Friday. During this day a vortex to the other side opens up as the veil is extra thin. This is a powerful time for magick, self-awareness and Divine connection.

As the veil continues to thin, it’s an optimal time to speak with the Spirits around and supporting you. Today – chat to the Fae.

Feel into what you want to magickal manifest this week, especially things which need the assistance of the supernatural. This is your week to work on your craft.

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