MOTD - Fae

Whenever this card is present it’s a great sign that the mystical world is conspiring to help you.


The FAE (Fairies) have been known throughout history, helping men or hindering them, depending on the man in question.

They are known tricksters and pranksters, desiring to create fun wherever boredom exists.

If you want to call on the Fae’s help, it’s easy. Simply be mindful of the natural world around you – they are deeply connected to nature, so no littering, etc.

Then start speaking with them by name (Fae), asking them what projects you’d like to see them help you with.

Remember: they get bored easily, so make the project fun. Unlike Angels, they aren’t necessarily interested in your tear filled pleas – they want to play.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “Dear Fae! Help me!”

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