MOTD - FaeMOTD - Fae

This card on the 1st of May signifies the potential for the unknown and magickal to occur.


The Fae, that are commonly referred to as ‘Fairies’, are nature spirits, heavily talked about in European folk lore and found all over the world.

They are also well known as pranksters, always looking for intrigue and excitement.

So, because this card symbolises the power and the desire for excitement of the Fae, this means that May will similarly offer the unknown and the desire for fun.

To embrace the potential of this energy, it’d serve you well to spend time in nature and also do any activities you find exciting, especially if they are new and sudden ideas. It could be the Fae encouraging you toward fun!

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I’m open to new avenues of excitement!”

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