MOTD - ExploreYourSexualNature

Mere days ago you were given the ‘wedding’ card, which foretold you coming together with yourself. What comes next?


Only when you’re connected with the real you, your hopes, dreams and intentions, can you healthily explore your sexual appetite. Why? Because you then know how to honour your inner self.

Sex often results in someone being drained, whether physically, emotionally, mentally but nearly ALWAYS spiritually.

When you engage with someone physically energy passes back and forth. If you don’t know how to gauge your inner levels you won’t know how to clock when you’re being drained and exhausted.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Unfortunately all of this ‘sexual revolution’ has missed one simple thing: just because you can have free sex, doesn’t mean it’s actually free.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “I embrace sex that honours me!”

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