MOTD - ExploreYourSexualNature

Today’s message is all about awakening and connecting to your TRUE sexual nature.


Today’s throw-away-age is all about quick fixes and immediate gratification. However, this type of behaviour may be entirely contradictory to what your true sexual desires / nature actually is.

After all, you are more than just animal. You are soul inhabiting animal form, so if you constantly give in to carnal and animalistic desires you continue to repress your soul.

So, here’s a little thing to ponder. For those of you who are extremely sexually active, perhaps you could spend the day thinking about what sex truly is, what it’s for, who you are sexually and what the Divine purpose of sex is.

And for those of you who are more monk than sexual, ask your body what it wants to experience. Visualise and fantasise about what you want to experience sexually.

Sexual identity is deeply connected to your individual experience, make sure it’s not shaped by the views of a very loud society.

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