MOTD - DarkNightOfTheSoul

Did you sense the shift of energy to reveal a more pressured, pressing and ‘heavy’ vibration?


This is due to your inner fears and past life ‘baggage’ rearing its head so that you can observe the reaction to create a new response.

We are also now in Mercury retrograde (welcome!), so the theme is about undoing what has been put together haphazardly. So, while this process may not be enjoyable it will be worthwhile.

Not only is Mercury playing musical chairs with your energy, the lunar eclipse in Aries coming up on the 8th will also begin influencing you (or will have already started).

Basically it’s a time to be quietly proactive in getting yourself energetically organised. If anything is left in a state of disarray expect it to niggle at you until you put things in order.

Act fast and methodically.

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