MOTD - CutPsychicTies

The masculine encourages you to take action when need be. Today you’re directed to cut and clear any psychic attachments.


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Every time you ‘connect’ with someone, you establish a thin psychic thread to them. These ties don’t automatically disengage and are often left for years, sending energy back and forth. So, you’re essentially still connected to people from your past.

That’s why it’s necessary to consciously cut the ties with these people, not only does it help you move on, it helps you retain your energy for you.

Many people who suffer from depression or other heavy energy, are overwhelmed my ties to other people. What’s worse is most of these people aren’t even present in their life either.

To disconnect these ties you call on, Archangel Michael by saying the following:

Dear Archangel Michael, please cut all psychic ties between myself and everyone else.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “Dear Archangel Michael….”

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