MOTD - Crossroads

So it may be time for you to make a decision, well it may appear that way. But do you really have all the facts?


Today’s card, Crossroads always appears when you’ve brought yourself to a point of needing to make a decision, between two or more different paths.

However, what this often means is that you’re actually lacking true clarity, whether it’s clarity of mind, through facts, or emotional clarity, which comes from assimilating various feelings.

Both of these require time. Which is completely contradictory to the advice that the mind tries to deliver.

If you force yourself into a decision, because ‘time’ is a factor, you will often find you will jump the gun if you don’t FEEL resolved with it.

Whenever this card is present it urges you to take a moment longer to sit, meditate, search within and speak with the Universe. There is more to know.

MANTRA OF THE DAY: “Nothing is urgent. I wait and listen”